As many of you have heard, Jaffrey Airfield Silver Ranch (AFN) was approved for a State of New Hampshire DOT/BOA Airport Improvement and Maintenance project to regrade, repave, and re-mark our runway 16-34.  This will be the first repave since the original paving was done in 1961!  We are happy to announce that we finally have a project start date of 9/1/21.  The runway will be closing and work will begin on Wednesday September 1, 2021.  Our target (estimated) reopen date is November 30, 2021. Of course, this all depends on decent weather and paving contractor schedules.  Let’s hope for no repeat of July’s weather !

The State share of the project is $458,444 which has already been committed.  Since Jaffrey is a non-NPIAS, privately owned, public use airport, we receive zero FAA funding and urgently need financial support from those in the flying community who can and who would like to help us to raise the necessary $160,000 of matching and contingency dollars so that we can complete this long overdue project to preserve and improve a beautiful grass roots general aviation field for future generations !  Please join us in our commitment to a legacy of preserving grass roots general aviation for generations to come.  If interested and able to help please contact Lee or Harvey Sawyer at, phone 602-532-8870 or Jaffrey Airfield Aero Fund, 190 Turnpike, Jaffrey NH 03452.

Here’s to many more years of HAPPY FLYING and service to our community !
                                                                                             –  Lee and Harvey Sawyer