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The NHPA exists to support general aviation in New Hampshire and to protect our FREEDOM TO FLY! Join our 500 plus membership community today by filling out a brief membership form.

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We encourage safety and promote growth of general aviation within the state of New Hampshire. Our association assists the federal, state and local government on aviation activities while providing advice on programs and plans which affect the aviation community.

Aviation is our passion and we aim to guard and protect the rights of pilots and our freedom to fly. We oppose actions which would unreasonably limit general aviation access to airports and seek removal of burdensome regulations, while providing support to programs and policies which would improve the rights of pilots.

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Out-Of-The-Blue Scholarship Foundation

The OUT-OF-THE-BLUE SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION, in an effort to assist deserving flight students and promote the love of flying, will award financial assistance to Private Pilot License candidates based upon an applicant’s merit, performance, and financial need.

The Foundation will award a maximum of $3,000 of the REMAINING cost of achieving a Private Pilot License to students who have achieved solo status.


The New Hampshire Pilots Association is an organization of pilots and aviation supporters dedicated to the furtherance and enhancement of general aviation interests in the state of New Hampshire. 


New Hampshire Pilots Association

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