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Dominic's Diner at KLWM Updated: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Reviewing restaurants for the New Hampshire Pilots Association is a fun activity, although not always good for my waistline. We all love to get out with our airplanes and have a fun destination to venture to. I am based at Lawrence Airport (KLWM) and I am always looking to head out with the RV8 in search of great destinations with good food. Like most of us I always look elsewhere for a destination. Encumbered by that notion, I have neglected to share a GREAT destination for all the rest of you in New England region. Dominic�s Diner at Lawrence Airport is a real GEM.

The most significant obstacle for Airport Restaurants these days is enough volume to make a business viable. Lets face it they all depend on locals coming to the Airport for a dining experience, especially in winter when our flying is reduced by Old Man Winter. Restaurants must offer great fare and service to attract the locals to the Airport. We have a real GEM at Lawrence that has successfully accomplished that mission, and loves to serve Pilots. Locals come in good numbers to our restaurant here at KLWM, and they are looking for planes to watch. Often you will find kids with parents here, nose to the fence fascinated with airport activity. I have never personally seen as many youngsters �at the fence� as we get here. Usually when I return from a sortie I will taxi right by the Restaurant fence if kids are present and give them a big wave. It�s good for Aviation, and good for the Restaurant.

In 2014 the restaurant/grille at Lawrence Airport was purchased by Gebran Khoury from the previous owner who had been there for years. Gebran worked with the local city regulators to upgrade the kitchen prep areas, food storage, and equipment. Gebran�s whole objective from the outset was to greatly upgrade the quality of offerings for an established clientele. The vegetables, meats and other foodstuffs Dominic�s purchases are the highest grades, and noticeably fresh when served. He is the primary Chef and prepares meals most days of the week, a workaholic. The hours of operation are really easy to remember, and he set it up that way, 6AM to 2PM everyday of the week (7 Days). You can reach them at (978) 682-8822 if you plan to fly there as a group, probably a good idea to let them know you are coming in numbers. The Restaurant is always staffed with a good complement of friendly staff, and service is always TOP-NOTCH! I enjoy the friendly people that make up the entire complement of folks. I am sure you will experience great service, treated like you are special, and food delivery is pretty quick normally. Weekends can occasionally get pretty busy but I would not advise you to be hesitant about coming at anytime during normal business hours.

The Menu is primarily a Mediterranean style with American Fare added. All of the dishes they offer are fantastically fresh and delicious. If you do not see something on the menu that you consider a typical offering, just ask to see if they have it or will prepare it. I have tried most of the Menu since I am based here, I eat there often. The Omelets and Eggs Breakfasts are just Wonderful, combined with the truly Homemade Fries, seasoned to perfection. As I said everything they offer is prepared fresh, daily, by the folks at the Diner. Try a Greek Salad & Syrian Bread for Lunch, which is big meal all by itself. If you want one of the BEST BURGERS in New England you have to order a Dominic�s Burger with everything on it, you will be in heaven. I Love their Burgers and seasoned fries. There is outside seating available in warmer weather (due soon). I just cannot believe it has taken me this long to get the Word out. You need to try Dominic�s at KLWM.

Now I offer a KLWM brief for your convenience. We get a reasonable amount of Jet traffic for Businesses in the area, and there often is one or more Jets parked near the terminal building. The area right in front of the Terminal is reserved for us, small GA planes, so park right in front of the gate area. . It is great for the kids and adults alike that are locals eating here, they love planes, who doesn�t. Entry and exit through the security gate is fast and simple, just enter your Pilot License number followed by the # sign. That gets you in and out of the gate. The restaurant entrance is a double glass door just a few feet from the gate. The Tower staff at KLWM is the friendliest, most cooperative and professional around in my Opinion. They will go out of their way to assist you in any way. If you are unfamiliar with KLWM, just ask for progressive taxi to the restaurant/terminal. We have brand new Runways and Runway lighting. The FAA and Massachusetts has spent Millions of dollars renewing our runways and taxiways over the last several years. You really need to stop by for a visit and enjoy our revitalized facility. The Terminal building is scheduled to be remodeled in a few years, but serves us well for the time being. We have Angel flight offices here, the Terrafugia Flying Car is based here, and we have a defense Contractor that builds advanced surveillance aircraft on the North Ramp.

A special note when you are departing, Run Ups are performed in marked turnouts well before the runway entrance. This is designed to keep airport noise central the physical center of the airport. Avoid running up at the runway entrance. The tower staff can point them out for you if you do not see them.