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Flight Deck Restaurant Review Updated: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

We survived another sortie in the mostly clear New Hampshire Skies once again, braving newly minted spring weather to cover the 51.7 NM to Dillant Hopkins Airport (Keene). Terrain offered her best obstacles and required circumnavigation of Mount Monadnock. Early spring warm moist air from the gulf did obscure visibility somewhat on our approach, but alas our experience and skill overcame the minor obstacles nature and terrain threw our way. This was my first visit to Dillant Hopkins, and I discovered a truly fantastic airport with not just great runways, but a Fantastic FBO and Airport Management staff, more on that later.
This visit was to the ?The Flight Deck? Restaurant at Keene, Dillant Hopkins Airport. It is located in the Main terminal building on the West Ramp of the airport.