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Blue Max Restaurant Review Updated: Wednesday, April 27, 2016

On a Clear and bright April day we visited the BLUE MAX Diner, a recently re-opened restaurant located on the field in Southbridge Massachusetts. As many of you may recall on June 1st, 2011 Southbridge Massachusetts experienced an F3 level Tornado. The results at the airport were really bad news for the Aviation community. According to local sources on the field 56 airplanes were completely totaled, and two hangars were destroyed. The great news is the town is committed to keeping the airport open and is currently building a new terminal and hangars. In the spirit of the revival of the airport and its community, Lisa and Jonathan Krach decided to jump in and remodel the airport caf� that miraculously survived with minor damage, between the two hangars that were completely destroyed. The new owners spent a tidy sum bringing the Diner back with plenty of upgrades to accommodate about 30 diners inside, and 30 diners outside on a covered deck. Either seating area offers a fantastic view of the runway. Construction on the airport is briskly proceeding and is going on all around the Diner. Access to the Diner from plentiful transient parking is easy and straightforward. The Diner has a 1950�s throwback atmosphere and utilizes polished stainless steel paneling.