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Communications Overview

The New Hampshire Pilots Association offers three forms of communications among pilots interesting in NH flying acivities. However since these are NOT monitored or reviewed for accuracy, it is the responsibility of the reader to determine the legality and safety of anything posted on these forms. We all know how much pilots like to boast about their own knowledge, aircraft performance - so take everything with a bucket of salt!

You do not need to be a Association member to subscribe to the Discussion List. However, once you realize the awesome potential wealth of information from international sources we hope you will find our minimal annual dues a worthwhile investment to keep the fountain of knowledge flowing. Also realize that there are many technical resources and events that are closed to non-members.

Our first communication form is our subscription-only E-mail Discussion List. This form is best for casual chatting, sending out immediate requests for information or notices as a searchable history of posts is not available. In order to preclude spreading of computer viruses, and to help our subscribers using slow computers and dial-up connections, our e-mail list server will not send any e-mails with more than 100K bytes in size, including any attachments. You will also find it works best if your use "Simple Text" vs. "HTML" format when posting messages. Further instructions are given in the E-mail List button at left.

The second form, the AANH Forum, is the best place to post the true "pearls of wisdom" that you think should be recorded and known by all. Although non-memebrs can READ most areas, only authenticated (logged in) only Members can POST messages here. You will find a wide catalog of subjects, covering everything from where is the best fuel price, cheeseburger or paint shop. You will also find items covering increasing your aircraft performance and improving your own skills. This forum is searchable so that you can search for the answer before your ask that not-too-stupid question! Why not join today so you can fully participate?

The AANH Website "E-mail Members by airport" function is only available to authenticated (logged in) AANH Members. It will send an e-mail to the addresses we have in our online roster, per the selected airports. You may receive a number of "bounced" or returned mails since there are several bad/erroneous e-mail addresses in our Roster. This is a known issue, however we have found that if those with bad addresses care, they will contact us. This function is designed to be used by regional Directors, or by members that wish to find out about FBOs or other services at selected airports, or just make others AANH members aware of an event or other item of interest.

Pick the AANH Comm service that best suits your needs, and tune in to NH pilots.