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AANH Club Charter

The following shall be the purpose of this organization as set forth by our founders at the organizational meeting held at Angelo’s restaurant, Concord, New Hampshire, 12:00 noon, Wednesday, November 20, 1957:

  1. To provide an information service to the members and the general public, regarding aviation matters in New Hampshire.
  2. To provide a clearing house for the exchange of information which will facilitate and enhance the betterment of aviation in this State.
  3. To study and plan for the expansion of aviation and aviation facilities in New Hampshire.
  4. To publicize existing facilities and encourage the growth and development of new facilities.
  5. To keep the members informed regarding pending aviation legislation through contact with State and Federal agencies and their representatives.
  6. To encourage the use of aviation facilities by all of the residents and visitors of our Great State.
  7. To form a united and strong association capable of making itself heard and felt at all levels of local, state and federal government.
  8. To lobby the State Legislature and elsewhere as necessary, for whatever the membership deems in the best interest of furthering aviation and its safety in New Hampshire.
  9. To be the Voice of Aviation in New Hampshire - the Student Pilot - the Private Pilot - the Fixed Base Operator - the Commercial Operations - and those who hire aircraft for transport or in connection with any legitimate business in the State.
  10. To serve as a coordinator of activities, support and cooperate with, the New Hampshire Division of Aeronautics, its Director and staff members, seeking to advance aviation and make it more accessible and remunerative for all concerned.

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