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This is where you get to share the experience of New Hampshire flying with fellow pilots. You can easily upload photos and captions, create new albums and "nested" albums to organize your photos. When you upload a photo, whether from your own PC, or use an image directly from another website, a "thumbnail" will automatically be created. Thumbnails are smaller images that can be clicked for the full sized view. Captions are shown below the thumbnail images.

Comments can be added under each photo and are encouraged. The usage statistics are also shown below each photo thumbnail.

Top/Other Back Country Airports

Since these two categories also serve as an inventory of sorts, members are not currently allowed to create or change individual airstrip Albums. However, we welcome pictures from members as our aim is to have at least one view of all of our airstrips and preferably many. Please contact the Album-master if you have pictures of any of the listed airstrips or new airstrip pictures not currently posted.

AANH Activities

Members can share photos or movies of AANH get-togethers. Follow the instructions at the top of this Album's main page.

AANH Parking Only

Members can create a "personal nested album" for their own pictures. Instructions are posted below as well as on this main page.

If you have an idea for another top level album category, contact the Album-master.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Add A New Nested Album

When the [new nested album] button is clicked under Select Action, another new "untitled" album is immediately created. A page will appear that says "Hey! Add Some Photos". Returning to the Select Action drop down box, you may add a photo or photos by choosing one of these selections and following the instructions in the next paragraph. Another drop down box under your newly created but as yet untitled album will give you the choices of highlighting photos, editing text, album name and captions.

How to Add A Photo

The [add photo] button will be best for most casual or beginning users. The thumbnail Caption and full image Description text are requested in a pop-up prompting window, along with the source filename on your computer. You can Browse to this file's location in the prompting window. You may optionally add Location, Date, and Photographer's name to be displayed.

The [add photos] button should be used if you want to upload multiple image files at the same time - up to 10 can be done at once, with a different caption for each photo. You should also use this button if you are going to copy an image already on another website to the album.

If you are using photo files from your own computer, all you need to do is click the Browse button and browse to where the image files are. It is best to set the captions at this time.

If you are using photo files from another website, you will need to use the [photo properties] button later to add a caption for each individual photo.