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Airport Search Page

Use at your own risk! Known issues are:
  • AFD Items have no asterisk
  • Lat/lon's will be presented in degrees w/ decimal minutes
  • PIREP sections not implemented
  • Not many photo galleries set up
Let us know if you find anything else.

52 airports Found Matching Your Search Criteria, Below
Map Legend: Public Use Public Use, Restricted Restricted, Non-AFD, Prior Permission Required Non-AFD, Prior Permission Required, Weather Station Only Weather Station Only

Airport Database Source & Use

For each displayed airport, the information is taken from either the FAA published Airport Facility Directory (AFD) or from NMPA sources. This AFD information is automatically updated every 56 days. However you may be aware of changes may not be seen. An example may be a recent airport manager change – which may not be reflected for a couple AFD update cycles. We are not going to overwrite any AFD-provided information with any non-safety-related information. So please do not ask us to update such information. However in the case of most non-AFD airports, we provide a PIREP section where we want you to add any updated information.

Airports not found in the AFD are not seen on aeronautical charts as they are not part of the FAA system. Information for these airports only comes from NHPA members, mostly due to effort by the Airport Committee. These airports will all have PIREP sections. If you find discrepancies with the information shown, especially concerning safety, please post it on the PIREP section and a Airport Committeee member will update it shortly.

You are encouraged to submit and use the PIREP and Photo Album services associated with every airport. You participation will keep the information fresh and accurate. Only NHPA members are allowed to submit PIREPs or photos – so please join NHPA if you use this resource. All Topo and Satellite views are from USGS sources.

* Asterisked items are taken from the Airport Facility Directory. All other items provided courtesy of NHPA who does not warrant any information for any airport to be true or correct. You use this information at your own risk. It is not to be used in lieu of any required pre-flight and planning requirements outlined in the FARs.

Step 1: Select criteria below, and click "Find These airports". You may also type "any" for airport Elevation or Runway Length.

Use Minimums Fuel Type Other
Public Use Public Use
Restricted Restricted
Non-AFD, Prior Permission Required Non-AFD, Prior Permission Required
Weather Station Only Weather Station Only
Maximum Elevation (Ft MSL)
Minimum Runway Length (Ft)
Seaplane Base
Camping - Facilities
Camping - Primitive
Windsock - Yes
Hunting - Yes
Fishing - Yes
* Note that no warranty of usability is implied for your own experience level.

Step 2: Select desired airport from the pull-down below, and click "Show Selected airport"

(52 airports found that match your criteria)

Step 3: If you select an airport from the above pull-down list, and then click "Show Selected airport" button, you can view the full airport details below. You can also view or post optional comments* and pictures by clicking on the icons.

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